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Artistic Endeavors – Richard Landis

I think weaving could tie with quilting as the most under recognized art medium. Both are usually considered crafts. I suspect the only “name” weavers most art lovers know are Sheila Hicks and Anni Albers.

So, I was humbled when I came across the work of Richard Landis and realized I’m just as uninformed as other art lovers. From what I saw on the Cooper Hewitt website about Landis’ recent Color Decoded exhibit, Landis works combine color, rectangles and squares, and double weaving. The double weave is crucial to the new colors Landis creates. What’s double weave? It’s “a four-element weaving technique using two sets of warp and two sets of weft to produce two interwoven cloths, one over the other.” Essentially you weave two pieces at the same time, interconnecting them at intervals.

Textile Cathedral (detail)

[Landis’] drawings demonstrate how Landis would calculate and visualize every permutation possible within a defined set of colors. While the actual weaving could be completed in days, it sometimes took Landis a month or more to work out the full range of tones and hues on paper, design the geometric pattern, and prepare the loom to weave the cloth. Using his preferred weave structure—double-cloth—Landis would simultaneously weave two parallel planes of fabric, a technique that allowed for the creation of the multicolored complex patterning of his textiles. (taken from https://www.cooperhewitt.org/channel/color-decoded/)

Textile, Red and Green

Textile, Cluster, 1979

Textile, Fourth Dimension (detail)

The short video on the Cooper Hewitt website shows 87 year old Landis dressed in khaki pants and a long sleeve button down shirt, not your standard arty wardrobe. He and my husband must shop from the same catalog.

I’d love to share more information about Landis and examples of his work, but he doesn’t have much of a internet presence. You can see all the work in the Color Decoded exhibition here.


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