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Stars From My Scrap Bins

My last procrastination to avoid my canal project was a scrappy stars quilt. The canal project is onto its next phase, so I can stop making excuses now. Meanwhile, I have yet another top to quilt. I don’t think I thought my diversion through to its logical end.

As I’ve done before, I pulled out my scrap strips bins to create lots of strip squares, which I then cut into two triangles. Many of the light colored squares were made from scrap bags I bought at the Sew Batik sewing expo booth. I just don’t use light fabrics enough to have a good stockpile of light strips.

I paired the triangles in mostly light/dark combinations, with a few all light ones, and had fun creating stars with them. I was inspired by a quilt posted on Pinterest. It was made by Stash Lab Quilts, and is brighter than mine.

I had made a rough drawing of my layout, but found that getting the light triangles to flow together really drove the composition. I guess I know who or what is really in charge. That’s right, color and value.

I’m linking up to Nina-Marie’s Off The Wall Friday.


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Bits and Bobs

I want to share a few items that I’ve been saving up before I completely forget I’ve been saving them.  If you’re above a certain age you’ll understand this.

First, I was reintroduced to the technique for making 6 minute circles (your mileage may vary) at a modern quilt guild meeting. If you’ve never used this method, let me recommend it. It’s adaptable for various circle sizes and can be used for ovals as well.

Easy Circle

Here’s a link to a HGTV episode where Dale Fleming, the technique’s originator, shows how to do it. It can be further streamlined by just using one layer of freezer paper if you’re willing to tear it once you’re done. The Modern Quilt Guild Blog also features this technique using HSTs.

Another random item is this funny post by the Bitchy Stitcher about the proliferation of deer in recent fabric designs. Since I experience proliferation of deer in my neighborhood, on my block, and in my yard, I’m not about to encourage it in my fabric collection. Bambi has a lot to answer for. I just love the Stitcher’s suggestions for other animals that deserve to be immortalized on fabric. At least the owls seem to have flown off.

Michael Miller deer fabric

Finally, for a bit of eye candy, check out the wonderful star quilts on exhibit at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont, as shown on Love Those Hands At Home. The museum’s website shows only one of the eye popping Amish and Mennonite quilts on display, so Kerry’s photos are probably my only chance to see some of these beauties.


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