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Airport Art . . .

Sounds like an oxymoron, but San Francisco airport has made quite an effort to mix art in with the sushi bars, taco stands, and yoga meditation centers offered in its terminals.

Spirogyrate caught my eye as I reached my gate, and since I had time to kill, I checked it out.

SF airport art

The piece takes up part of a wall and floor. As you approach it, the circle closest to you lights up and rotates. When you move towards other circles they also go into their act. Only one other traveler showed any interest in this piece. The rest were as one with their electronic devices.

SF Spirogyrate 1

SF Spirogyrate 2

SF airport Spirogyrate 5

SF airport Spirogyrate 3

I thought the designs were appropriate, given that I had just come from a quilting seminar. They remind me of the Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs I loved to make as a child.

hex sign



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