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A Quilting I Will Go

The next piece in my quilting queue is Damask and Denim, a large work that features much recycled material. It’s pin basted and awaits a quilting design decision. Because you’ve helped me in the past, I’d like your opinions of the rough designs I’ve developed. Thanks in advance.

First, the quilt top itself.

Option 1 surrounds zigzags with straight horizontal and vertical lines.

Option 2 uses all zigzag lines.

Option 3 combines the above two with straight lines only on the top and bottom.

In all versions the diamond centers would be free motion quilted with a diamond spiral. Thread color is open at this point. I’m considering either blue or very pale yellow thread.

Any thoughts? Ideas?


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How Should I Quilt My Eggs?

One of the quilting projects draped over my second floor balcony has me stumped for a quilting design.  It’s for a small group 1:3 ratio challenge.  I had little trouble designing the piece, but I’m dithering about how to quilt it.

Easter egg rollOriginally I thought about concentric circles or ovals radiating from each egg that would overlap each other. Then, I considered a spiky design with lots of lines quilted at angles to suggest nests for the eggs.

quilting idea Easter egg rollHere’s the design I developed using Paint software.  I like this effect, but now have to figure out how to quilt the eggs themselves. One possibility would be to do more lines inside the eggs, bouncing off the edges. I drew them in very lightly below.  I’d use thread color that corresponded to the dominant color in each egg.

quilting idea 2 Easter egg roll

Help! Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.



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