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If The Shoe Fits

For a few months in 2018 I photographed shoes on people’s feet at rest and in motion. Why shoes? One of my volunteer jobs requires me to spend time in a theater lobby, and sometimes I have nothing immediate to do. I began to observe the groups in the lobby and became interested in what they did with their feet. I used my phone to take photos and a series was born.

Theater lobby

I also took photos of people waiting in lines at an art exhibit and generally hanging around. Since I had so many shoe photos I stopped, and concentrated on digitally reworking some of the photos, using what skills I remembered from my PhotoShop Elements class.

After a deep dive into PhotoShop’s effects and filters and a frustrating time sizing the edited photos for printing, I had a bunch printed off by Spoonflower in an eight by eight inch format. I used a bulk test print format Spoonflower offers. The results were a bit mixed. I should have standardized my photos more. But I had enough to combine into a quilt.

Pointilized sneakers before resizing

The next step was to devise a layout with the 8 inch squares. I sure wasn’t going to cut them up. After several days and reworkings I settled on one. Then, in a moment of genius or severe derangement, I decided to do the squares as three separate panels held together with laced up grommet tape.

Through Etsy I found Lace and Trims, which provided a reasonably priced product and speedy shipping. While I waited I quilted my panels in a simple diagonal pattern. Then, I sewed strips of the grommet tape to the panel sides and bottoms. It was tricky to avoid the grommets, yet sew on the tape. Looking back, I should have paid more attention to the width of the tape and the spacing of the grommets.

After the tape was on, I sewed a hanging sleeve across the tops of the panels (the only point at which the panels are sewn to each other) and turned under that edge. I will hand sew the sleeve’s bottom edge, along with bits I couldn’t machine sew because of the grommets. One broken sewing machine needle was enough.

Now I’m lacing up the grommet tape with various cordings and need to decide whether to try a single color or a mix. Right now I lean toward red cord for the contrast.

Black cord on left, silver in middle, red on right

I never realized there are so many ways to lace shoes. Check out some of the possibilities here.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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Stamping At My House

Ever since I got my hands on a copy of Intentional Printing I’ve been itching to print on fabric.  Last week I invited a friend over to play with stamps and fabric paint.  We took different approaches, but ended up with results that pleased us.

While my friend used stamps she already had I created mine from a pool noodle and stick on foam sheets. I also used a bit from packaging material.

printing toolspackaging stamp

My goal was to tone down some garish hand dyed fabric and add another layer of printing to some fabric I had silk screened or stamped previously.

full and half noodle slate printtube print on orangepackaging stamp over silk screen

I also printed with a piece of cardboard wrapped with rubber bands, and rubbing plates designed for paintstiks.

rubber band stamp printspaintstik plate over silk screen

Meanwhile, my friend was getting more delicate effects with her stamps.

JC ink stampsJC sand dollar print

Finally, here’s a piece I added more stamping to.

purple noodle print

I love the way the texture of the cloth and the stamp materials show up. I may even try carving some linoleum blocks I have.


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