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Around Here Week 31

Last week we stopped by a local orchard and bought a peck of peaches. Yes, peaches grow in northeast Ohio. To let them ripen before we cut them up and freeze them, we set them out on our dining room table to ripen a bit more. I don’t know about you, but our dining room is used mainly for non-dining purposes, such as laundry folding.

I couldn’t resist photographing the voluptuous peaches on the blue check tablecloth. Such a fabulous, classic color combination. Wouldn’t you like a bite?


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Just Peachy

A recent trip to a local orchard yielded a peck of peaches.  Yes, peaches do grow in Ohio.  My husband and I spread them out on our dining room table to finish ripening.  Funny how little that table is used for eating.  Instead I fold laundry and baste quilts on it.  I do make table runners for it because the poplar wood is such a pretty color. And they’re easy to whisk off when the table is actually needed.

But, back to those peaches – both of us arranged them on the table, placing them at opposite ends.

peaches_scientificpeaches_artisticGuess who did what arrangement. Hint: my husband is trained as a scientist; I’m not.

And this post does relate to fabric.  The tablecloth underneath the peaches is a hand-me-down that I plan to dye.  I hope the striped damask pattern will show up better then.


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