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Feed Sack Quilts At The Mill

If you’ve read this blog before you know I’m not a fan of cute in quilts.  Any novelty fabric I ever owned has been purged from my stash. No anthropomorphic animals adorn my quilts.  And thirties repro fabric leaves me cold.

However, the cheerfulness and downright chipperness of the feed bag quilts made by Nina Stahlschmidt I saw in Canada won me over. It seems that Canadians use the term feed bags, not feed sacks. Nina scours the Canadian countryside to collect vintage feed sacks/bags and then builds her hand quilted work around them.

The Quilt Canada 2014 folks had the brilliant idea of displaying Nina’s quilts in and around the mill owner’s house at Morningstar Mill.

feed sack quilts 1

The pig is outlined with thread

feed sack quilts 7

A hen quilting bee

feed sack quilts 5

Love the spaghetti legs

feed sack quilts 6

Check out the little feed sacks

feed sack quilts 4

Roast chicken?

feed sack quilts 2 detail

Last words

feed sack quilts hanging systemI thought this was a great way to display quilts outdoors – no drooping clotheslines.


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