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Around Here Week 25

This week’s posts are drawn from my recent trip to the Finger Lakes region of New York. Here’s the view from the tasting room at the Lamoreaux Landing winery by Seneca Lake in Lodi, New York. Pretty sweet. It seems ready made for a landscape quilt.


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Around Here Week 24

Since I tend to hike looking more at my feet than the scenery, I notice tree roots that can trip me up, which is why I look at my feet. Talk about circular logic!

I thought this root was reminiscent of Chinese ink drawings. It might make a good thermofax screen, which could be printed in several different orientations.


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Around Here Week 23

Last week Around Here was in Columbus, Ohio, so the photo comes from there. Since I was preoccupied with color combinations in my dyeing class, I was taken with the blues of the sky, glass and shadows, the red of the sign and brick crosswalk, and the green of the leaves. Too bad I didn’t use that combination in my class.

A few decades ago I worked about a block from this intersection in a run down former hotel called the Seneca. My agency moved into swanker quarters and the former hotel has been refurbished into apartments for students.


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Around Here Week 22

Enough of nature’s spring glories. Let me get down to nuts and bolts. This utilitarian hardware holds together a pedestrian bridge over the Cuyahoga River. I love the different textures of the rusted metal and worn wood, and the shadows of the bolts. I like the color scheme as well.

The join is at the halfway point of the bridge, and this post is almost the halfway point of Around Here. How fitting.


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Around Here Week 21

Had enough of spring yet? I haven’t. My irises look especially lush this year, so I’m wallowing in their blue-violet glory. Painted organza or tissue paper may be the way to capture that intense color.

I hope the peonies, which are just beginning to open up, look as good. Deer don’t eat the irises and peonies (so far) so they are two of the few flowering plants that have survived in my garden.



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Around Here Week 20

I like trees so much I’m featuring another one this week, or at least its shadow. I want to wallow in the glorious green of the grass. You can only get that color in the 64 crayon box. In winter the ground is under ice as its flooded and turned into an ice skating pond.

I thought I could cut out the shadow in organza and layer it on pieced or painted green cloth; maybe two layers of shadow as one is crisper than the other.


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Around Here Week 19

This week I’m cheating. The photo below was taken by my brother of a tree in his yard. Spring has been slow to show up this year where he lives, so he was glad for a sunny day to admire the new leaves. Well, I never defined exactly where “around here” was.


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