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Two Come Home, Another Goes Out

Forgive me if I treat my quilts as my children. I like to send them out into the world, to be viewed (and enjoyed I hope) by others. Last week “In The Clouds” came back to me after three years on tour with SAQA’s “Concrete & Grassland” exhibit.

“In The Clouds” is hanging on the far left at the Festival of Quilts in England.

In The Clouds

It traveled to China, Ireland, and England with the exhibit. It’s too bad I couldn’t go with it.

Another work that came home this week was “Sur La Table” which was in a regional art show. It was one of two fiber works in the show. The rest were paintings, prints, photographs and 3D works.

“Rococo” is the latest work I sent out. It will be exhibited at the Mid-Atlantic Festival of Quilts in Hampton, Virginia, from February 28 to March 3. I’ll have it back by mid-March, a mere month after I mailed it.

Why do I exhibit my work? If I spend lots of time designing, making and finishing a piece that I think turns out well I enjoy the ego boost (I’m being honest here) of having it chosen for public display. Many of my pieces I wouldn’t consider submitting. They’re too idiosyncratic, derivative, or off in some way. Of course, pieces I love others don’t; and pieces I shrug at others think are great. I’m still trying to get “Mean Streets” shown somewhere.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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I’m A Centerfold

Thanks to the alertness of a friend, I found out that my quilt “In The Clouds,” is shown in Machine Quilting Unlimited’s September/October 2016 issue, as part of an article about  SAQA’s Concrete & Grassland traveling exhibit.


By chance the magazine opens to the photo of my quilt simply because it’s where the ad insert for a magazine subscription is. Well, my quilt makes a much better centerfold than I would.

magazine-in-the-clouds There’s also an informative article about on-demand digital fabric printing services.


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Department of Self-Aggrandizement

It’s quite a shock, though a very pleasant one, to open a national magazine and see a photo of a quilt you made. I knew that my quilt In The Clouds was in a show sponsored by SAQA. After all, I had packed it up and shipped it off. Various photos of the show opening featured lovely quilts made by well known quilt artists. I quite understood why the photographers chose to train their lenses on those quilts and not mine.

Then I opened the latest issue of SAQA Journal and found myself gaping at a photo of a very familiar quilt on the outside of the right hand page.

SAQA JournalYou can see a slideshow of the whole show here. Unfortunately, I don’t think the show is scheduled to travel anywhere east of the Mississippi River, though that could change.



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