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All My Pretties: Confessions of a Silk Hoarder

My silk collection began with a bolt of inherited peach silk crepe that resided in a steamer trunk for many years. Then, as I attended big quilt shows I began buying bits of silk dupioni. Here’s what’s left of a 25 piece collection.

DupianiDupioni colors are wonderful, but the fabric just loves to shred. It needs to be backed with fusible knit interfacing or cut on the bias.

I continued to seek out silk yardage at various shops and shows. The left hand piece is shot silk and the right hand one is organically dyed silk from Laos (bought in Canada.)

Shot silkLaotian silk

But why stop at yardage? I didn’t and started buying second hand designer silk scarves. These will need to be backed with fusible interfacing before I use them.

Bill Blass scarfNorrell scarf

Once I began dyeing fabric I decided to dye that bolt of silk crepe, even though you’re not supposed to use Procion MX dyes on silk. I went with what I had. First, I used a bubblegum pink dye to intensify the pinkness. Another time a few yards were treated to ice dyeing. It does seem I have a lot of pink and purple silk.

Dyed silk crepeIce dyed silk

And once people learn of your interest in silk they donate to the cause. Here are sari silks and a silk batik from a friend.

Green sari silkNavy pink sari silk Batik silk

My latest silk purchases have been a silk/cotton mix fabric called Radiance which I hope to use with some of the silks above.

Radiance fabricI also have cut up silk ties. Here’s how I used some of the tie fabric.

Tie sticksNote I haven’t included silk organza, another aspect of my fascination with silk.  I’m afraid there’s still more, but I can handle just so much confession at one time.



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