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Around Here Week 46

Nature has marvelous taste in seasonal bouquets. Here’s one she presented to me just before the hard frost.

I leaned over a fence and found the perfect arrangement. Unfortunately, it’s too big for my table, and I know I can’t bring my table to it. I’ll just keep it in my mind’s eye at Thanksgiving dinner.


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Around Here Week 45

I was going to avoid the sometimes cliched photos of autumn leaves, but then I saw this scene and couldn’t resist.

The effect of golden reflections in my neighbors’ windows is a bit like a Thomas Kinkade painting, but not as twee. I cropped the photo to eliminate a deck and lots of gray vertical boards, but the colors are true.

I love it as a color scheme and maybe even inspiration for a modern type quilt.

As an aside, check out the prices at the Thomas Kinkade website and then try to make the case that a quilt for $1000 is overpriced.


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