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My Problem Project

A project I began at my Empty Spools workshop on translucent fabric is giving me fits. Once I finally settled on the arrangement of many circles of painted silk organza and got them all fused down, I decided it needed something more. What that something was was unclear. I just knew it needed more subtlety, a quality not often present in my work.

Bubbles fusedAs a temporizing measure I chose and cut out a backing fabric, cut out my batting, and decided to stiffen the piece with a crinoline layer. I machine quilted the edges of the organza pieces and added a few extra circle outlines. That done, I had to face the music. What now?

Maybe another organza layer? I painted a fat quarter of white silk organza with stripes of blue and green, which blended together nicely. I started draping the painted fabric over the piece. Maybe I could partially cover it with another organza layer, following the rays. Nothing too stripey, though. Here’s the pink and aqua layers pinned to the quilted top. It still needs some tweaking.

Overlayers pinnedI liked the uneven edge of paint and wanted that to show, but how to finish the edges? Maybe just fray the edges? A trial showed silk organza will fray nicely.

Painted edgeSo my plan right now is to to hand sew the top organza layer on with silk and metallic thread, following the rays. As for finishing the piece, I’m thinking I’ll do an envelope finish, the infamous “false back” that instantly disqualifies a quilt from many shows. But then I don’t see entering this piece in any show with such rules.


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Nature’s Marks

Rather than share the usual photos of the gorgeous Monterey shore I want to show you what captivated me – the marks nature left behind on the beach.


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California Dreaming

If all goes as planned I’ll be in Monterey, California, when you read this. My big splurge of 2015 is to attend a workshop by Jeannette Meyer at the Empty Spools Seminar.

I’ll be painting silk organza and creating transparent layers. Oh, I plan to do lots of hiking and ocean gawking, as well.

Talk to you in March.



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