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So Not Me, But I Like It

Thanks to the generosity of a recent acquaintance I now have a piece of vintage embroidery, and I’m curious to find out exactly what it is.

The base fabric is heavy and canvas-like, and the binding is lighter weight. The embroidery thread made it through a soak in Biz without bleeding. Alas, the stains are still there, though lighter. I’m wondering if they were caused by spilled tea. Any thoughts for further remedial action are appreciated.

I think it’s to be tied around one’s waist like a small apron to hold sewing notions like scissors, etc. If so, it’s for a slender-waisted person. I don’t think it’s to be tied onto a table or chair, given the curved shapes.

My dilemma is, what to do with it. It could make a cute pillow with the embroidered areas appliqued onto a base. I thought an oval shape might work with the sprays of blue flowers added on the side. Of course I have no fabric in stash that looks right with it. Or, I could wear it at sew-ins and confound fellow sewers with it. I can hear them now, saying “I thought you didn’t like that sort of thing.” That’s usually the case, but I love word play and the embroidery is nicely done.

All guesses and opinions are welcome.


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The Deity in the Details

What draws you in to spend more time with a quilt after the first glance? The details, of course.  I was reminded of this during a friend’s recent trunk show of her quilts, clothing and bags for our guild.  Her quilts are beautiful and skillfully sewn, but it’s her accessories that showcase her genius for detail.  She creates embellishments with fabric, thread, and beads that leave me gaping and, to be honest, feeling quite inadequate.

She has whipped up purses that could star on runways, vests that should hang on gallery walls, and even slippers.

But what I really wanted to share are the telling details – painstakingly applied little beads, silk ribbon embroidery, ruched flowers.

I could try to fool myself into thinking that one day I’ll master these skills, but after watching this talented embellisher sew a tiny bead on top of a tiny metal flower, I know it’s not going to happen.  So, I’ll take delight in her work.

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