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Wrapping Up 2014

My recent quilting goal has been to finish up pieces I knew how I wanted to finish. Let’s leave the ones I’m at sea about for 2015. I just finished hand sewing the last of three bindings so I’m ready to show my progress, though I’ll talk about Kansas in another post.

First up is Dancing Stars which I’ve shown earlier. It’s from a paper piecing pattern by Amy Ellis. I had it quilted with an all over pattern and wool batting, which really pops the quilting.

Dancing_StarsThe binding matches the ash gray around the stars.

Dancing_Stars_labelI built the label into the back using a leftover block. One less pesky finishing detail. I even have a hanging sleeve sewn onto this one.

Jeweled Leaves is another geometric, paper pieced quilt. The binding is purple.


To play on the name, I sewed an amethyst “jewel” in the quilt’s center.


I decided to call these two quilts contemporary, as they don’t seem to fit into any other category. Sometimes it’s soothing to work with a block structure. Now, if I could only do work like Sue Benner’s Prairie/Wall #3: Autumn Bluestem which breathes new life into that structure.



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Old Blocks, New Tricks

Last week I ended up making two pop up (like summer thunderstorms) quilt tops from old stuff. They certainly weren’t on my to-do list, which is loaded with other tops to quilt. But I came across my bag of 1.5 inch squares and HSTs. (Yes, I save even the little bits.) Then, I found blocks left over from another quilt, shown below, and decided I needed to combine them with new blocks made from those HSTs.

Akron Amish

Here’s the result, based on Sandi Cummings’ Thinking Outside the Block.

Transitioning Traditional 1

While that one was still warm from the iron, I found the 25 dancing stars blocks I had paper pieced with Amy Ellis’ pattern. Here’s a previous post about this project. I recalled that Vicki Welsh had recently finished her version and decided I had to finish mine. But, 25 (actually 24) blocks set on point make a very small piece, so I decided to expand my top by inserting sashing between the blocks.

The resulting top is the most traditional thing I’ve done in years, but I like the sharp edges and the brick colored setting triangles. It’s still not very large, though.

Dancing Stars

So, I’ve converted some traditional blocks into ones that look like they’re swimming upstream to spawn; and I’ve turned what was to be a modern quilt into a symmetrical one with sashing, no less. Of course my husband loves this one.


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