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A Few Small Repairs

Every blog reaches the point where it needs some new drapes and slipcovers as the old have gotten a bit shabby. I’ve begun that process here by deleting one feature – books about quilting that I like, and adding another – quilts I’ve made by type.

I own lots of books about quilting, even after giving away many of my books about traditional quilts and patterns. I make a point of looking at quilting books as they’re published, mostly by borrowing them from my library. However, I think that fewer books about quilting are being published, and that trend will continue. AQS will no longer publish new books, and I’ve noticed fewer titles on offer from other publishers. Some of the books that do get published, many focused on modern quilting and craft sewing, strike me as lean on content.

The availability of digital patterns and loads of free stuff on the internet, especially YouTube videos of techniques, make it so easy to do without books. Then, there are online classes from Craftsy, creativebug, and others. Of course, the classes impact the quantity of  in-person teaching available, as well.

The upshot is I realized I hadn’t added any books to that section of this blog in a few years and very few readers looked at it, so I felt it was time to retire it. You can still read reviews I’ve written by clicking on “books” under Topics. I plan to continue reviewing books of potential interest to me and my readers.

Now to the addition. When I began this blog I grouped photos of my quilts by years. Recently I thought about what types of quilts I’ve made over the years, and decided to sort my quilts by type. Turns out the majority are improvisational and graphic. Of course, my categories are a bit arbitrary as some quilts could fit more than one type. And another person would sort them differently.

I’ve kept the rest of the pages, including tutorials. I like to have tutorials I use a lot in one place. From my site’s stats it seems many people look at that page. Every so often I check to make sure the links still work, so I hope there’s not much link rot.

I’d love to hear your opinions as to what parts of this blog are helpful and/or interesting. Since I began it as a journal of my quilting experiences, I don’t cover topics I don’t care about, and it is indeed all about me and my opinions. I’ve made it public in hopes that others might learn from my experiences, especially from my goofs. One great, unanticipated, result of making my thoughts public is meeting my readers through their comments. Many thanks.


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Modern Quilting: Compare and Contrast

Over the past few weeks I’ve been devouring two new books on modern quilting, specifically “Quilting Modern” and “Modern Patchwork.”  I own the former, thanks to a gift, and have borrowed the latter from the library.


These books are modern in more than their sensibility.  All the authors started as bloggers and developed followings as they honed their quilting skills and designs.  Also, the books have been marketed online through a network of quilting blogs, another modern touch.  No, the SQ was not one of those blogs.

To cut to the chase, both books offer quilters good introductions to modern quilting.  They give lots of quilt patterns, plus instructions on the mechanics of quilt construction.  “Quilting Modern” presents more individual techniques that can be used in other quilts, stresses improvisation, and has 21 projects.  “Modern Patchwork” presents 12 specific quilt patterns that contain techniques you could use differently, but that aspect isn’t stressed.  The latter is directed at intermediate quilters who are ready for more than wonky log cabins, but want to make stylish quilts that fit in a more modern home.  I’m paraphrasing the author.

My feeling is the “Modern Patchwork” quilts would be more technically challenging to make.  They are much “sewier” i.e., precise piecing of curves, curved machine applique, etc.  The author says her goal was to create patterns that “promote precision piecing and thoughtful fabric selection.”

Given that statement, I guess you can figure out which book the SQ prefers.  However, for many quilters “Modern Patchwork” will provide unusual, pleasantly challenging sewing possibilities.  And that’s not a bad thing.

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