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I Use Cute Fabric

My seemingly bottomless trove of cut squares was useful for creating a baby coverlet for our newest impending family member. Since I didn’t know the baby’s sex when I started, I opted for the always safe yellow and green for my palette.

Through a fabric donation I acquired pretty pastel strips that I added to my mix. The squares look almost too diverse, but the solid yellows and green pull them together.

To make the blanket more supple I tied the top to flannel and left out batting.

That green fabric sure photographs differently at night.

Oh right, the cute fabric. I bought this flannel and wrapped it to the front to bind the edges.

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Crunch Time

All my procrastinations are coming due and I am resembling the proverbial headless chicken. I have only myself to blame, of course, as these are self-imposed tasks.

First, a bit of background. I am not a holiday kind of person. While I’m not Scrooge, I do my best to ignore all the craziness of shopping and baking. Instead, I substitute my own kind of craziness which involves completion of various quilting/sewing related tasks.

Some tasks are done. “Flower Power” is quilted and bound.

Flower Power

Flower Power detail

I have sewn hanging sleeves onto seven small quilts so I can now display them. My art quilt group small glitzy scraps piece is done. Actually it’s overdone, which is why I’m calling it “Kitchen Sink Included.” I don’t embroider much, but when I do I leave no surface untouched.

Kitchen Sink Included

I’ve made progress with two reworked quilts, made a top for a baby quilt, and rethought “Deep Purple” a bit, thanks to your comments.

This baby quilt is made of scrap squares with yardage for the edges.

Still awaiting attention is another scrap piece I’m calling “Square Deal.” I want to make it more off-kilter.

I’m thinking of adding more escapees.

And, because I had a box of gauzy, glittery, silky scraps on my sewing table, I started playing around with another glitzy design. Unfortunately, I think it’s going nowhere, but it will be a distraction for a bit.

I’m plugging away at hand work on one of my revised old quilts as I wait for my fabric shipment so I can return to work on “Deep Purple.” I’m also pondering the best way to attach bits of silver lame to another revised quilt.

In a totally unrelated development, Rayna Gillman featured two of my quilts on her blog. She asked readers to send in examples of improv quilts, so I did.

Holiday best wishes to those of you who celebrate Christmas, and happy solstice to everyone.

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The Shirt Off His Back

Well, my husband wasn’t wearing them because the cuffs were so frayed and they were made of pinpoint oxford cotton, so why not cut those shirts up.  This project began when I was looking through a Kaffe Fassett book and was taken with a baby quilt made of men’s shirting fabrics.  I don’t think Kaffe actually cut up shirts, but I went with what I had.

kaffe_fassett_baby_quiltI found that men’s shirts contain a lot of fabric.  Here’s what I have left after cutting over 200 2 and a half inch squares. The center back box pleat in men’s dress shirts gave me an extra 4 to 5 inches of fabric.

cutup_shirtsSo far I’ve sewn 75 squares together, out of about 220 squares cut.  I don’t know what the final size of this top will be.  It will depend on how quickly I tire of sewing those squares together.

The fun part of this project is creating and inserting “quirky” squares with little pops of color.  Kaffe used vivid solids.  I’m using bits of a yellow and blue stripe plus a few half square triangles left over from an old Bonnie Hunter quilt.



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Oooh, Baby, Baby

Occasionally family events, joyous and otherwise, lead me to create a gift quilt.  Recently I started to work on a baby quilt for my nephew and his wife, who are expecting their first child in early 2013.

I’m using a design by Elizabeth Hartman that she calls Baby Roller Rink.


I began with the gender-neutral color scheme of yellow and green, and combed through my 2.5 inch square scrap pile for such bits.  Then I sewed 27 units of nine seven (I goofed and did too many) like colored squares, mostly prints, together end to end.  These will be bordered in one inch strips (finished) of solid yellow and green.  The setting will alternate the yellow and green units.

Since I began this project I’ve discovered the expected baby will be a girl.  The expectant parents threw one of those parties at which the baby’s sex is revealed by displaying the sonogram.  I wonder if there are ever any surprises in the delivery room.  To cover the girl thing I’ve put a purple/pink-purple square in each string of squares.  It’s not so girly that a color obsessed parent wouldn’t use it for a boy.

Just this morning I realized that if I made up the quilt with nine square strings it would be 60 inches, not 48 inches, long.  So I looked at Baby Roller Rink again and did a more accurate count. Actually, I think it was the cryptic notes I took that threw me off.  That leaves me with 54 extra squares to return to my 2.5 inch square stash.  And I was trying to reduce that stash.

In future forays to fabric stores I’ll shop for a soft backing fabric.  I like to back baby quilts with fleece or heavy flannel and skip the batting.  That way it’s easier to wrap the baby in the quilt and the soft side can be next to the baby’s skin.  I think I’ll keep the quilting minimal as lots of quilting can make a quilt feel stiff.

I like the greater contrasts in Elizabeth’s quilt, but I decided that a softer color scheme would be more appealing to the recipients of this quilt.


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