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Some Pigs

I wanted to share some of the Year of the Pig creations made by members of my art group. Our individual styles shine through clearly.

Cindy’s work shows off her eclectic large fabric collection in her hole in the barn work. She added nails in the barn siding with silver paint. As always, she put a skull into the piece.

Charlotte took inspiration from central American designs for her hand embroidered pig. She’s getting back to hand work, and said she enjoyed making it.

Joan was inspired by the three little pigs and referenced the Chinese aspect of our challenge with chopsticks.

I call my finished piece “Some Pig” in honor of Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web. It’s attached to a black canvas with glue dots. I hope I don’t need to ever take it off.


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By The Book

I’m part of a small group of local quilters who are working through Jane Davila and Elin Waterson’s Art Quilt Workbook. We meet monthly to review a chapter, show our work, share information, and discuss successes and failures. At our last meeting a member talked about Casting Shadows by Colleen Wise and kindly loaned me her copy.  Although it was published in 2005, this book has lots of ideas about creating shadows and dimensions in quilts of all types.

Members vary from experienced art quilters to want-to-try-that-art-stuff quilters. We even have one member who never touched a sewing machine before last November. He was bowled over by the Quilt National exhibit and is eager to make his own artistic statements. You read that right – he. So far he has followed his own muse and has even started free motion quilting. As he is unfettered by any quilting “rules” he tries out whatever comes to mind. I look forward to seeing his first piece for our group.

We are to create a 9 by 12 inch, vertically oriented, quilt for each chapter using a common theme in all our pieces. I chose openings – doors, windows, gates, etc.

The first chapter of the book set out some basic principles of design – value, perspective, etc. I tried to show perspective, but I jumped ahead to a later chapter on thread work and used bobbin stitching for the gate in my piece, shown below. I’m not happy with the shadows in the wall cutout. I should have used a darker fabric for the edges of the ground. Luckily, fabric markers can cover up some of my errors in judgment.

DD Wallgate


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