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Artistic Endeavors – Advice

There’s no shortage of advice about being an artist. All jesting comments such as “get a day job” aside, I’ve found a few sites helpful as I get up the nerve to call myself an artist.

Jerry Saltz has written a comprehensive article that contains 33 helpful specifics.

Sherry Camhy’s article on becoming an artist focuses on getting your work exhibited. The article addresses art in general, but the advice more than applies to fabric art.

Recent Against The Sky exhibit at Summit ArtSpace, Akron, Ohio

Sue Bleiweiss wrote about five qualities of successful artists.  When I read the following I felt she was inside my head: “One of the most useless black holes in the art making process is to compare yourself or spend time evaluating your work and what you do in relation to someone else.”

One oft repeated advice is to steal learn from the best. And that brings me to art commentary and history. It seems odd to hear people talk about art with no visuals, but that hasn’t stopped several art podcasts from springing into life. Here’s a list to get you started. Production values vary, and some presenters sound as if their day jobs are testing pot infused cookies for the Colorado market.

Speaking of art history, if you want an enhanced Vermeer collection experience, check out Google’s Art Camera.
“Pocket Gallery, a brand new feature on the Google Arts & Culture app, uses augmented reality, so you can pull out your phone and step into a virtual exhibition space to see all 36 [of Vermeer’s paintings, including . . . the famous “Girl with a Pearl Earring”] hung life size and perfectly lit. As you step closer, you’ll see each painting in stunning detail and can learn more about each piece.” 

The Lacemaker *oil on canvas *24,5 × 21 cm *signed t.r.: I Meer *1670-1671

While looking at art is delightful, it doesn’t replace the truth of the most basic advice – practice, practice, practice.


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