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From Above

Every artist deals with perspective – low horizon, high horizon, eye level, at an angle, etc. Despite my misgivings about our digital age, advances in technology have given us ways to see landscape differently.

Kevin Krautgartner’s work shows what happens when a drone is put to work by a photographer on a journey. Krautgartner positioned a drone 150 meters above his car and set it to take pictures.

He’s also done a series of glacier rivers from above, many of which would make beautiful fabric. I see Spoonflower has a special on a new cotton fabric, but I don’t think I can get permission from the photographer in time to take advantage of it.

Krautgartner has made a beautiful aerial film of the Faroe Islands https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=180&v=0PikhFKyQqU. Warning, it’s not for people afraid of heights.

Krautgartner, who was born and lives in Germany, has a degree in photography and graphic design, and has won several photography awards. He sells copies of his photographs on his website in several sizes, printed on a variety of materials including metal and acrylic glass.


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Leftover Inspiration

In the course of looking at images for my Kansas quilt I found other ideas that I’d like to do something with.

Here’s an aerial photograph of pivot irrigation circles that would make a great abstract quilt in taupe and neutrals. Maybe I could use that 6 minute circle technique.


And Mr Wright’s glass offers more fascinating images.

flw_abstract_stained_glass_frank lloyd wright

Saguero frank lloyd wrightAll of these make use of really skinny divider strips.

Speaking of skinny strips, here’s a quilt from the Nickols collection at the Mingei International Museum. It’s an 1890s window pane charm top. Totally “modern” and it’s a great collection of fabric swatches from the period.

1890s window pane charm top Nickols collection 2012-35-043_001


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