My Quilt Canada Trip

Ever since I stumbled across Quilt Canada on a trip to Nova Scotia I try to visit the annual juried show sponsored by the Canadian Quilters’ Association. Actually I only travel to the shows held in eastern Canada every other year as they are more accessible from Ohio.

Aside from the chance to enjoy sightseeing, why this show? In the past I’ve found the entries to be of high quality, with lots of other exhibits in addition to the juried show. I applaud the separate category for quilts from patterns and books. This year I was disappointed to see some entries that, frankly, looked like they belonged more in a local quilt show in terms of design and workmanship. Of course I did find plenty to admire, as the slide show demonstrates.

Since my photos show the limits of my phone’s camera and the odd angles I had to cope with, please click here for the complete album of accepted entries. I tried to capture details in my photos, and some are of other exhibits and are not part of the juried show. You can see the award winners here. As usual, the judges and I differ in our opinions.


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10 responses to “My Quilt Canada Trip

  1. Haha. My opinion usually differs from that of the judges, too!

  2. It really looks a like a phenomenal show, with such range of styles and techniques. I agree with you about the judges playing it safe–but it must’ve been very difficult to judge such variety.

    • Luckily, this show has lots of categories, so there’s some chance for the judges to compare like with like. My feeling is this year’s judges were more fans of traditional quilting.

  3. Ann Scott

    Thanks for sharing this and the link. I’m always amazed at the diversity in quilt designs and what places and doesn’t.

  4. Judith K Campbell

    Thanks for sharing this. I have been once and had the pleasure of seeing the Best of Show go to an art quilt. Never seen that again. These are amazing and I find myself wanting a closer look [thanks for that BTW] and figuring out how she did it.

    • Well, Best of Show is traditional. I was treated to an indignant comment by a gentleman at the show who thought the owl quilt should have won best of show. But then, I found the judges’ choices to be so safe.

  5. All beautiful, especially the Orchid Abstract and Reflection. 🙂

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