The Bluprint Blues

Recently I had my first experience with Bluprint, the new Craftsy, after succumbing to a special three month subscription offer. My rationale was I could take the bias applique tape class by Latifah Saafir I had my eye on and I could get a coupon for one “forever” class.

I took the class and decided I liked it enough to own it “forever.” My troubles began when I tried to redeem my coupon, which expires at the end of June. I followed the instructions given but couldn’t find the class I wanted listed. So I emailed Bluprint and was told that they’d look into it.

Here’s the final response:

Anne (Bluprint)
May 28, 8:13 AM MDT
Thanks for your patience! That class is exclusive to your subscription and not available as an own forever class. We do have lots of really wonderful quilting classes available to own forever here – 
Quilt Own Forever Classes

I’ll be sure to let our team know that you’d love to see that class available in the future!

What the….? What does “exclusive to your subscription” mean? Nowhere did I see mentioned that only some classes were eligible as “own forever.” I scrutinized the perks of a Bluprint subscription, and came up only with ” Own-Forever Class Credits to add your favorite class(es) to your Library to access forever, even if you cancel your subscription in the future.” My response to Anne was “I think BluPrint needs to be clearer about what classes are NOT eligible as “own forever.” I certainly took all the verbiage I read to mean they all were. Nowhere did I find mention that some were not.” Anne responded that she’d pass my feedback “along to the management team.”

I recall reading about new arrangements with instructors, and can understand if an instructor elects not to have his/her class eligible for forever status. However, I think that information should be noted with the class material. Didn’t happen with my class.

Instead the Bluprint user gets lots of touchy-feely guff about how much you’ll love Bluprint, promotional emails, and nags to rate interactions with the help personnel. Initial responses begin, “Hi, my name is (fill in first name) and I’m here to help.” Totally fake, in my opinion. I know, it’s all scripted.

I intend to cancel my subscription as nothing’s been added that appeals to me. What I’ve watched aside from Saafir’s class seemed fluff. While I addressed the kerfluffle over emails to Bluprint teachers before, here’s Cheryl Arkison’s opinion on the matter. She was a Craftsy teacher.


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10 responses to “The Bluprint Blues

  1. I enjoyed Craftsy when it first came along, but soon took everything I was interested in. Too bad Bluprint seems to have ruined it, from all I read online, but I haven’t even tried to go back.

  2. I haven’t been tempted by anything Bluprint sends because I immediately delete them. After reading about all of the problems numerous bloggers and vendors were having with the transition, the increased costs to consumers, and the issues like you described, I decided no matter what I wouldn’t be all.

  3. Like you, I bit and joined Bluprint recently. I won’t renew. I’ve found a couple of Own Forever classes, but nothing really amazing. I’ve chatted with one of the instructors (through email, not through Bluprint) and hearing her frustration with Bluprint has sealed it for me. Unless they up their game and change things, I don’t see this as being worth it.

    • I don’t think that it makes sense to alienate your instructors, but it doesn’t seem to bother Bluprint. They have made instructors and customers feel like pawns, and their efforts at touchy-feely ring hollow.

  4. DJ

    I had a brief venture with Bluprint. It just didn’t stand up to all of the promotional hype for me, so I cancelled.
    Nothing is worse than “faux” customer support like you received. You are right to feel aggravated!

  5. Oh, this stinks! I’ve not used Craftsy that much but thought it was a good, solid idea. Sounds like Bluprint is ruining it.

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