A Change of Perspective

Last week I subjected you to umpteen iterations of layouts for “Arches.” I know, I’m the only one who saw much difference among all the versions. This week I’d like to present my final layout and thank all of you who made such helpful comments. They guided me to the version I will quilt.

It turned out I simply needed to make the width the long side, which changes how the parts relate to each other. I also added a turquoise strip along the bottom with a few narrow strip insertions.

Monty Don’s program (one of those sweetly earnest British reality TV shows featuring “Britain’s favorite gardener”) on French gardens may have subconsciously influenced me. All the gardens had geometrically pruned hedges and espaliered trees. The tall, narrow pairs of mirror image curves remind me of that rigorously trimmed French greenery. Not my taste in gardens, but I like it in a quilt.


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10 responses to “A Change of Perspective

  1. Laura Lea Relph

    I know digital is ‘less messy/time consuming’ but I think in doing improv you get a stronger design when it finally ‘clicks’ as it all comes together…as Yours did here. its Phenominal!

  2. Well! That made all the difference! Who’d a thunk it?!

  3. Well done! As I have said so many times – you are really good at composition and this piece show your talents at color combinations too. Looking forward to see how you quilt and finish it.

    • Well thanks. Of course, I did take at least 50 photos of this one, which means at least 50 versions of it. Now will come the part I am far less good at – the quilting. As the aches of age take over my hands and arms I find it harder to get really good finishes on my work. That means the quilting is becoming simpler – very little FMQ.

  4. I really like this piece. Funny how just changing a few things makes all the difference. I like the color combination, and I enjoy just looking at it. Nice work!

  5. jennyklyon

    This is a really strong piece. I hope to see it in a show sometime soon!

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