If I Sew It

I know I’ll be ripping it out tomorrow. Some projects demand that I change my mind after the sewing is done. My current project, “Arches,” is like that. After an early burst of inspiration that came together in a few hours, work on it since has been a slog. Each time I make a change, something else is off, and my seam ripper rears its pointy head.

Someone sent me a photo of Colleen Cole’s “Pockets of Time,” and I just had to start free cutting curves into solid color fabrics. I think my piece is different from hers. Certainly my palette is different with the turquoises, cobalt, hot pink, putty, and brownish gray.

Early stages when I thought I was close to done.
Then I started fussing, and added a divider between the left third and the right two-thirds
I decided the overall shape was too dumpy, and went to a thin version. This may blow my aim to have a piece at least 36 inches wide, which is a minimum for many shows.
Trying a pink strip instead of blue. You get points for finding it.
Gave up on tall version and went back to dumpy, minus the dividing strip. Hate it.
I’ve gone back to a tall format and kept the left side strip. I think this may be where I’ll stop, except for some minor fiddling around the edges. Sometimes I just get tired of a piece and want to call it done.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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10 responses to “If I Sew It

  1. I may be enjoying the pictures more than you are enjoying the process, but it looks like good progress to me 😀

  2. The first blog I read after reading Nina Marie’s, was yours. Seems you have similar problems – where do you want contrast, how do you want the viewer’s eye to move, and should there be a focal point? Most of the orientations feel stagnant. Not the second to last one, this has movement thanks to placement of units with pink, there is a both vertical movement (up and down the left hand units) and diagonal movement from upper left to lower right.

    • While I didn’t like the shape of the second to last layout, I understand what you mean about movement with the pink fabric. My final version uses that movement, I think, but elongates the shape of the piece. I hope to show it to you all soon.

  3. Ha, I have been ripping out quilting the last two day (and on a little donation piece I really don’t care for!). I can’t say I don’t like any of these but I haven’t be working on it up close and personal on it. And though I like the quilting and think it works well with the Kole (?Cole) piece, I keep thinking leaves when I look at your piece/s. There’s not green but still, that’s me!

  4. I completely get it. With the quilt I just finished, after I had the top all sewn, I sat looking at it and wondering if I needed to cut it up again and add this or that. I ended up leaving it as it is, because I thought if I started cutting and adding, it would be a rabbit hole that would end up with a mini mini quilt. Haha. I do like your end result, and might have to put “play with curves” on my to do list!

    • I’m still unsewing and revising the edges, but hope I’ve finally stopped fussing with it. Of course, another approach is to make a second piece that incorporates all the changes you thought of for the first one.

  5. I like the concept and can’t, for the life of me, figure out how you make decisions about what you think works and what doesn’t! Artistic instinct?

    • I use the thumbnails to decide if I think the composition works. That way I can see if the composition looks unbalanced or a color disappears at the edge. I also try to create a path for the eye to travel around. With “Arches” I’ve taken at least 50 photos. Be glad I didn’t post them all. The more or less final version came about once I removed bits.

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