I Use Cute Fabric

My seemingly bottomless trove of cut squares was useful for creating a baby coverlet for our newest impending family member. Since I didn’t know the baby’s sex when I started, I opted for the always safe yellow and green for my palette.

Through a fabric donation I acquired pretty pastel strips that I added to my mix. The squares look almost too diverse, but the solid yellows and green pull them together.

To make the blanket more supple I tied the top to flannel and left out batting.

That green fabric sure photographs differently at night.

Oh right, the cute fabric. I bought this flannel and wrapped it to the front to bind the edges.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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8 responses to “I Use Cute Fabric

  1. Karen Kelley McCulloch

    I have never thought to leave out batting and back with flannel– I am intrigued! Have you washed the quilt? Are you concerned about different shrinkages?

    I may have to do some experimenting. 🙂 Thanks for posting!

    • Yes, I’ve washed the quilt. I always wash baby coverlets and quilts before I give them away, and attach a note about washing instructions to let parents know machine washing and drying are fine. Since I prewash all my fabrics I’m not too worried about different shrinkages. Flannel particularly can really shrink.

  2. It’s fun to see how an art quilter handles a traditional quilt-giving situation! You’ve been very successful in honoring both sides!

    • I’d hate to be a total sell out. Of course, I suspect that my sister in law will expect my gift to be really traditional. She’ll be surprised when her son and daughter in law open their gift.

  3. Ann Scott

    I love seeing baby quilts that aren’t the norm and this is great… so colorful! As for gender and colors I hope anything goes. I like to wrap my baby gift quilts in a flannel blanket (sometimes made by me, sometimes purchased).

    • I would prefer not to have to adhere to the division of the sexes by color, but I’ve been to enough baby showers to know my view isn’t universal. Cute idea to wrap a quilt with a blanket. I confess I can’t keep straight the most current edicts on covers for babies, so I tell parents I’m giving them a floor mat for their baby.

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