Every other year northeast Ohio is treated to a Focus: Fiber show, co-sponsored by the Textile Arts Alliance (TAA) and the Kent State University Museum. Since 2019 is an “on” year, I joined other art quilters on a tour of the museum’s latest show.

As always, the word fiber encompasses a wide array of materials, as the photos below show. Before I forget, let me mention the artists’ reception for the show will be next Thursday, March 21, from 5 to 7 p.m., at the museum.

The works above are made of conventional materials – yarn, thread, cloth, wire. Others in the show venture further afield to electric cords and metal. As always with unconventional materials, I’m left wondering if a work was chosen for its differentness or its artistic merit. You can judge for yourself if you catch this exhibit, which is up until July 28, 2019.


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4 responses to “Fiberlicious

  1. The trouble with works chosen for novelty (as it seems they sometimes are) is that often, once i’s been done, there’s no inspiration for further development of the idea. I saw a “quilt” made of aluminum soda cans at an AQS show once, but I don’t expect to see another.

  2. I’m just fascinated by the range of creative vision here–some are really quite tame (but wonderful) and others are SO provoking (and wonderful).

    • I thought of you when I saw the large tapestry piece. Each square is based on a five patch, but each is different. I didn’t take photos of the truly odd pieces. Some just weren’t showing up right on my phone’s camera.

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