Some Pigs

I wanted to share some of the Year of the Pig creations made by members of my art group. Our individual styles shine through clearly.

Cindy’s work shows off her eclectic large fabric collection in her hole in the barn work. She added nails in the barn siding with silver paint. As always, she put a skull into the piece.

Charlotte took inspiration from central American designs for her hand embroidered pig. She’s getting back to hand work, and said she enjoyed making it.

Joan was inspired by the three little pigs and referenced the Chinese aspect of our challenge with chopsticks.

I call my finished piece “Some Pig” in honor of Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web. It’s attached to a black canvas with glue dots. I hope I don’t need to ever take it off.


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10 responses to “Some Pigs

  1. I enjoyed these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fun post, each so clever. I made placemats years ago for my parents using that same pig/fabric in your first photo (the skull piece)! I hadn’t thought of that in years. Yours is my favorite.

  3. What great interpretations of the challenge! Each are so different but they all fit the theme and are all inspirational.

  4. Rosemaryflower

    all of these are sweet and fun

  5. Love your piece, but I also like Charlottes one, bright colours are always my taste..

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