A Fun Start To The Year

The excuse of a fresh new year spurred me to leapfrog over waiting projects to begin something new and fun. Of course it was conceived in 2018, but it was officially born this week.

I’m talking about my “Disco Woks,” a small (20 by 27 inches) piece made up of almost all non-natural fibers. There’s a bit of Marcia Derse fabric and silk kimono, but the rest is synthetic glitz.

It originated in a play session with slithery, shiny fabrics culled from the theater costume scrap bin and contributions from scrap hoarders (you know who you are.)

I made the woven piece during the play session and then added bits from my hoard to supplement scraps I had scrounged at the session. The woven piece became one bowl, while the Easy Pattern material was paint sprayed over a place mat stencil and cut in half to make two more bowls. I used the coppery tulle to cover one of the bowls, but some of the other materials didn’t fit. The background ombre fabric came from the costume shop.

Construction details – I used leftover curtain lining material to back the whole thing as fabric weights differed, and fused the background fabric on with WonderUnder. I made the bowls by sewing lightweight non-woven fusible interfacing onto the “good” bowl, then turning the whole thing inside out and fusing the interfacing to the bowl with my iron. I zigzagged the completely finished edges to the background. Other bits also were sewn onto the background, though the bowl rims were added after quilting.

As to the name, I had pondered using the Chinese pottery celadon green and cinnebar colors as inspiration, but I ended up succumbing to the glitter. I did pay homage to the orient with the woks.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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17 responses to “A Fun Start To The Year

  1. I have a hard time imagining the struggles involved in wrangling that slippery fabric! And I agree with Melanie–the quilting adds so much!!

    • Actually, the worst fabric was the one with tiny, tiny pleats that accordianed out as I sewed it. The rest wasn’t so bad. Fusing it helps a lot. Yeah, I was surprised, pleasantly, that the quilting worked out, especially with the metallic threads.

  2. This is a terrific and fun piece! Great use of ombre fabrics…I love the glow at the center top and that it darkens as the view moves down. Nice quilting designs too.

  3. What fun! I have a little stash of synthetic fabric waiting for me, so I’m glad to see what you did

  4. Barbara

    Love your creativity. I bet it is more fabulous in person.

  5. I love it too! Using a place mat cut in half — genius! And I love the shadow of the bowls on the shiny marbleized table, and the light beaming out of them at top.

  6. looks like you are finding more uses for the glitzy stuff you made us use in group. I love it.

  7. Love this. What a fun way to use these odd fabrics. The quilting really makes this, in my opinion.

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