Many Thanks

I was surprised and pleased to get so many responses to my plea for advice on “Deep Purple.” Your comments and opinions helped me clarify a way forward. I’m so appreciative of your input.

First, given the poor quality of my photos, you did heroic work figuring out what was going on. Second, I came away with new directions for the piece.

Here’s my post-post rearrangement. Note that I’ve spread around the dark purple to balance the composition. I cut off some of the dark purple bands and used the cut off material to swing the purple around the outside. You can see how it would look flipped in the next photo.

And here’s my rethinking of that. Melanie had suggested more diagonal lines in the interior. I spent some time playing with that idea, and decided on diagonal lines that connect the left and right sides across the purple. While I mocked up the arrangement with bias tape, I have thin chartreuse-y ribbon I could couch on after the piece is quilted. I’ve learned it’s a pain to quilt around such embellishments.

I still lean towards the first arrangement without the additional lines as I wonder if the additional design element is a bridge too far.

I suspect that now the backing material I cut is too small, so it’s back to the fabric closet for an alternative. I’m eager to get this one off the design wall so I can pin up the next victim, er, design.


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10 responses to “Many Thanks

  1. Best wishes for a pleasing finish, whenever that may be!

  2. I definitely like the first arrangement best–there’s plenty going on in that version, you don’t need more, IMHO.

  3. 🙂 I’ve heard that you can still change quilts after they’re quilted, (that was you!) so you can always finish it with the arrangement of piecing you like, and then add embellishment on top later.

  4. I wonder… what if you made it asymmetrical by leaving the last green borders off. I think that would frame it, as well as leave a bit to the imagination as the center and slashes do?

    • I tried that and found that the dark purple was just too heavy without the green. I considered a green binding, but decided the piece needed a wider strip than a binding would give.

  5. Very cool! Who says committees are no good for ideas?

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