Begin Again

2019 will be my year of intent rather than goals.

Thanks, Julie

I want to:

  • push my designs (go bold or go home)
  • use the fabrics and materials I’ve been saving
  • steel myself to take the hard way (at times) rather than the easy solution
  • continue to try atypical materials
  • use the designs and inspirational photos I’ve been collecting

To do all that I believe I’ll need commitment.

Thanks, Nina Marie

I’m starting the year with work on “Deep Purple.” Here are the options I’ve developed. I’d love your opinions as to which is best, or whether there’s a better way that hasn’t occurred to me.

Left – green on left side and top. Right – addition of purple on bottom. Bottom – green on left and right sides and bottom, thin stripe of lighter green on right, purple on top.

Wishing all of you a great start to 2019. I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.


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22 responses to “Begin Again

  1. My monitor may not be showing what you see but from here I like the left, green on left and top but I’d like to see some of your darkest purple added as slices in the very left side and top corners.
    It has been interesting reading other reader comments.

  2. Rosemaryflower

    Happy New Year!!

  3. I like the intentions!

    First of all, reorient your piece. Try having the black on the left and bottom. Then turn it again. See if that makes any difference in how you feel about it. Then look at the center again and whether you want to connect things or leave them floating separately. I’m emailing a photo to you. Just brainstorming. 🙂

  4. Rachel R

    I prefer the top left one. The other options take the focus away from the centre, which I presume is the focal part of the work. When I was at art school, one of the biggest questions we had to ask ourselves was…what is our intention when composing a piece. What is the main ’player’and how do you portray this?

  5. Marni Fisher

    The bottom one made me go ‘Aha’. Can’t explain why, but it seemed the most pleasing to my eye.

  6. I like upper left. I am a fan of design running off the edge, and I like the weight of the black on the bottom.

  7. I like the bottom choice, the one with yellow-green and green on both sides, and I like the proportions the way you have them. I like the purple in either position, top or bottom, but I feel strongly about having a strip or border of something, outside the dark area with slashes.
    This is fun, making design choices on someone else’s quilt. Now I feel like I have already accomplished something for the day!

  8. jennyklyon

    The top left choice. It is vibrant and the value contrast enhances the quilt.

  9. Berit Hokanson

    I like the purple on the bottom also.Too heavy if on the top. Just my thought.

  10. Edie Taylor

    I like the purple strip on the bottom. To me it seems more balanced.

  11. Laetitia

    Hallo, you are echoing my thoughts. I am exactly 3 years and 6 months from retiring from a day job I really love and have made it my goal to make one day “NOW”. Quilting is my night job!

    • It’s always good to have a plan for afterwards. I eased into retirement with sporadic part time work, but have been work free for about four years now. Every day I wake up to snow I’m thankful I can stay in bed.

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