Cornering My Scraps

As I have noted before, I have a thriving scrap fabric collection. Some are even already sewn together. I like to pet these pre-made quilt beginnings in hopes of inspiration. Some time in October I decided to sew a group of hectically colored scraps together.

I sliced lengths of multi fabric strips in half and inserted narrow strings. I added to and lopped off bits to even up my rounds. Eventually I came up with the following.

Beginning of “Turning The Corner”

I liked the effect but wanted to give more weight to the left side and bottom. So, I added wider lengths of Marcia Derse fabric and more angled strips.

I finally quilted the top at the beginning of November. I used 30 weight variegated cotton thread, and extended some of the strips into the Marcia Derse fabric with quilting lines.


I find the colors cheerful as I catch drifting snowflakes out of the corner of my eye. If I can’t go to the heat, I’ll try to bring the heat to me.

I’m linking this to Off The Wall Friday.


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14 responses to “Cornering My Scraps

  1. I said “Wow!” so loud, upstairs in my sewing room, that the dogs downstairs in the kitchen started barking. 🙂 You know I love this!

  2. Rebecca in SoCal

    I don’t like a lot of improvisational quilts, but I like this! The first picture looked so unbalanced; you did well with your additions. I also like “bring the heat to me.” It’s cheery.

    • At a certain point I find an improv quilt becomes a planned one, as I try to balance the composition. And cheer is what I need at this time of year, as I look at the layer of snow on my driveway.

  3. Love the colours, bringing the heat to you.

  4. An antidote to winter–so zippy and energetic! And i like the idea of petting your scraps–sometimes they purr when you pet them, like this time!

  5. Rosemaryflower

    this is super fun. I like it very much

  6. Spectacular. I really like the balance of it, the tiny inserts, the color stripping of pinks, blues, bright acid green, the long strips of orange… Really nice.

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