Artistic Endeavors – Tokyo at Night by Liam Wong

If you’re a fan of the movie “Blade Runner” you’ll love the neon colored  photography of Liam Wong. Wong is a Scottish (I didn’t see that coming) graphic designer who works for a video game company in Canada. On a trip to Tokyo he set out to capture the city in all its nighttime neon glory.

Memories of Green

Tokyo Night Train

Walking The Nocturnal Streets of Shinjuku

Purple Rain

Minutes to Midnight

I’m drawn especially to the rainy night scenes. Wong has an Instagram feed for his work, @liamwon9. You can also buy merch printed with his photos. See his website for details.


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8 responses to “Artistic Endeavors – Tokyo at Night by Liam Wong

  1. Jean Krusinski

    Thanks for introducing me to Liam Wong! I think there is a hint as to how he “creates” some of the color in his images…look at his list of photography equipment and you’ll see many colors of gel filters he puts on his flash.

  2. Wow–how does he do that?! I love the first, green one–it doesn’t look like it could be capturing real life at all.

  3. Rosemaryflower

    INCREDIBLE photography. I just love the moody settings.

  4. Love these images and I agree; rainy scenes are fantastic with all that reflection and bounced light! Thanks for sharing this, all very inspiring.

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