Artistic Endeavors – Luiz Zerbini

Sometimes I see a painting that at first I think is a quilt, like the one below.

Tatu Bola by Luiz Zerbini

Recently I’ve been working with Drunkards Path blocks so that’s what immediately came to my mind. But, Tatu Bola is one of the paintings by Brazilian artist Luiz Zerbini that was recently exhibited at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

According to the Stephen Friedman Gallery writeup of his work, “Zerbini uses a rich and luminous palette on a range of different subject matter from landscapes, cityscapes, and domestic scenes to those with a more obscure or even abstract intention. By juxtaposing styles and techniques, organic and geometric patterns, fields of light and shadow, he creates optical effects that beckon for contemplation. He is an artist that constantly multiplies the formal possibilities related to his painting and rejects any potential stagnation of established formula, making it difficult to define any linearity in his production.”

I take that to mean you can’t really pin down his style. But, no matter, here’s some of his work that appealed to me.

I find an intriguing combination of grids and curves in Zerbini’s work, and some of his painterly effects, like the lower right corner of the last work shown above, look like they could be hand dyed fabric.


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8 responses to “Artistic Endeavors – Luiz Zerbini

  1. These are amazing! The one with the blue-green concentric circles makes me think of one of your works? And I right about that? What’s in the long cases in the photo of the museum?

    • I only wish I had made that one. The case you asked about is Natureza Espiritual da Realidade, an installation consisting of ten wooden tables, configured like museum display cases. Divided into squares, the tables include curious objects collected by the artist, randomly found on trips or collected for personal reasons. Seashells, stones, bricks, ceramic tiles, tree trunks, plants, fishing nets and even a R$10 bill are arranged sometimes as still – lifes, sometimes as abstract compositions. There’s more here:

  2. Rosemaryflower

    All of them look wonderful. the tiny squares would be a challenge for me.
    I do like the DP and hst piece at the bottom, but these are all superb
    thanks loads for sharing


    I totally agree! The layering of sheer fabric certainly produces the transparency in quilts similar to that I see in the paintings.

  4. Those are beautiful paintings and would indeed be good quilts!

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