My 28 Year Old UFO

I can now say this UFO is a FO, since I just finished tucking in the yarn ends of my ancient crocheted afghan. It’s no accident the afghan is the same age as my son. In my naive ignorance I thought I could crochet an afghan while my infant slept or cooed at me. Guess what didn’t happen?

My version is smaller than the pattern called for, and lacks fringe, but I was going for the finish so details were dropped.

The pattern was ordered from the newspaper, back in the days when such patterns were offered in the classified section.

As the gods are my witness, I’ll never crochet anything big again.

The crocheting was simple, except for the yarn overs which had tension issues. It’s a good thing I used acrylic yarn as I had to wash the finished product to get the accumulated dust off it.


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12 responses to “My 28 Year Old UFO

  1. I’m impressed that you finished but, then, I hate to crochet. I’ve never seen at yarn over stitch before–it’s pretty cool!

  2. Haha. I know the old UFO story all too well. I did laugh about your having to wash it to get the dust off!

  3. I may or may not have some UFOs that are that old…or older? One of the reasons I don’t like taking one-day or half-day workshops any more is because of the many boxes holding half-completed or just-started projects that resulted from my former enthusiasm. You’ve reminded me that I have a half-assembled afghan languishing in a basket, because I hate sewing 100 squares together! One thing about a big blanket done all in one piece—when it’s done, it’s done!

    • I did a massive purge of my UFOs a few years ago, so I now have less than 5 I hope to finish. The rest got cut up, thrown out, or donated to a guild sale. Nowadays the workshops I do are related to design or dyeing/painting/embellishing, rather than project-oriented. Oh yeah, that is a downside to square by square projects.

  4. Rosemaryflower

    WOW this is very pretty

  5. Congratulations on your finish. Amazing what we thought we could do with a baby around! It looks lovely.

  6. Yay you! Any finish (however we define that) is a good finish. I really like the arrowhead design. With the weather slightly cooler, I’ve enjoyed sitting under and afghan my grandma crocheted. My mind turned to wondering if, couldn’t I do that? Thanks for adding a dose of reality to my thinking! 🙂 Guess I’ll just enjoy hers, and the one Jim’s mom made, and a few quilts I have lying around…

    • One of my issues with finishing the afghan was that as it got bigger and bigger, I found it too hot to work on during the warm months. The square by square afghans avoid that downside. Enjoy the coverings you have already. I assure you a new quilt would take you far less time to make.

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