Art Nouveau Rococo

A while ago I blogged about a silk piece based on a tissue paper design I made for use with organza. Because the design features stylized curves I thought the design had an art nouveau flavor, but the flamboyance of the finished work led me to call it Rococo.

I had the quilting done by Janice Kiser, a local longarm quilter who has an affinity for curves. Here are details of her quilting.

The batting is wool, which gives a 3D effect to the petals. Rococo finished at 30 by 35 inches, and has a faced edge.

I’m surprised at the amount of silk fabric I still have, so I need to design more projects for it. While I love its sheen, I find it a bit finicky and in need of backing before sewing with it.

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22 responses to “Art Nouveau Rococo

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog with me Joanna. Quilting the silk was a first for me, but as I am usually up to a challenge, I dove right in. It was an honor to add to your beautiful piece and I appreciate your trust. I do understand the idea of giving your art over to someone else. Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of it.

  2. WOW!!! It looks like lovely jewels dancing in a fire. Gorgeous

  3. Barbara

    Have you tried Terial Magic Stabilizing Fabric Spray?

    • I haven’t, but I know people who love it. My biggest problem with using it on silks and other non-cotton fabrics is I understand once the sewing is done you need to wash it out.

      • I love Terial Magic and have used it in art quilts and other fabric projects – not always washing it out. Now I primarily use Mistyfuse under silk because it (usually) doesn’t show, it stabilizes and fuses the piece down.

      • Thanks for the “been there done that” input. My problem with silk starts with cutting it out. Some kinds are so slippery that I need to stabilize the whole piece of cloth just so I can cut it.

  4. I love the variation of thin and thick shapes, large and small. And the quilting is so graceful – it accentuates without weighing the piece down. Lovely!

  5. This is a beautiful piece, so much movement. It is obvious much thought went into the quilting. Your use and placement of the tiny print seems perfect.

  6. Chris Wheeler

    I really, really, like this one! Your longarmer not only does curves nicely, but I think the background bubbles(?) fading into little vines is interesting too.

  7. Beautiful, congratulations on this quilt, very outstanding!

  8. Wow–that’s stunning! So opulent! And the quilting adds a lot to the overall look–fantastic!

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