Artistic Endeavors – Illustrated Books

Many books are illustrated, from medieval manuscripts to children’s picture books. However, not that many illustrations feature books themselves.

Jungho Lee won the 2016 World Illustration Awards for his dreamy, surrealistic work.

Jungho Lee: Promenade

The professional class winner, Jungho Lee, who also hails from South Korea was commissioned by Sang Publishing to produce a series of book illustrations for Promenade, making use of graphite and charcoal overlaid with textured papers scanned and composited to create beautifully muted, minimal landscapes.

“Jungho Lee’s picture book is distinguished not just because of his outstanding technique, but great imagination. I think this is why the jury chose his book as the overall winner,” says Daehyun Kim, Book category judge.

He bills himself as an artist who has worked as an illustrator since 2007. I know that illustration is viewed as the bastard child of art by those who deem it unworthy of fine art, but yet I see far more than literal interpretations of written work in the finest illustrations. As a book lover I’m drawn to Jungho Lee’s inventive use of books in his works.


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18 responses to “Artistic Endeavors – Illustrated Books

  1. Susan E Greenberg

    So cool cool and more cool!!
    thank you

  2. These are beautiful and fascinating.

  3. I love how the artist captures what books do for us — shine a beacon to show us the way, give us a world to escape to, give us a reflection of our ideal selves.

  4. Rebecca in SoCal

    Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy these!

  5. These are wonderful! I can’t decide which I like best but I see metaphors everywhere. And the monochromatic use of color, with hints of light, is so evocative. I really, really like this!

  6. Marni Fisher

    Thank you for sharing this. His work is wonderful!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    I like these illustrations. Very imaginative

  8. These art works make you want to pick up the book and read what the artist is seeing. I love the one of the old person seeing the young person staring back from the page. We all can relate to that concept as our minds age and our physical age never seem to match up.

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