Artistic Endeavors – Choi So Young

Used denim from pants, skirts, shirts, etc., isn’t the most likely medium for art, but Korean artist Choi So Young can see whole urban landscapes in it. He (or she, websites differ) is especially clever in using the bits most textile artists don’t use – the belt loops, pockets, seams, pocket liners, labels, and buttons. The pieces are best described as collages. I believe acrylic paint is also used.

Hong Kong Soho Street, 2013

London Street At Night, 2010

After The Snow 2, 2011

Gaya, 2005

After The Snow, 2010

Other work by her/him is at artnet. So far my searches haven’t found any biographical data, except for year of birth (1980,) education, and residence (Korea.) I’d love to see a video of the artist at work, but while my YouTube search found some bizarre stuff, it turned up no artists.

Ian Berry is another artist who works with denim, often in portraits. I wrote about his work here.



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13 responses to “Artistic Endeavors – Choi So Young

  1. I agree! Those are amazing!

  2. I LOVE these! And the cleverness of using the seams and difficult bits, to create texture–really cool.

  3. So intricate. I myself can’t imagine making anything like this. But then, others can’t imagine making my stuff, either, so I guess that works out fine. 🙂

  4. Mind blowing! I remember reading your Ian Berry post and I like his work too. Choi So Young’s work seem more intense or maybe that is just more detailed. First thing that comes to my mind is that this artist must not sleep or eat very much! Will you be working a denim piece in the near future?
    BTW – My daughter has taught me that “they” works well as a pronoun, even when (and this has been the challenge for me) speaking of just one person.

    • Any thoughts I may have had about a denim piece went out the window when I saw what this artist made with all the bits I would have trashed. I just read a book where a character of indeterminate gender was referred to as they.

      • I was amazed at all the denim bits being used.
        Was the book a good read, would you mind sharing the title (maybe in a PM rather than here on your blog)? Thanks.

  5. these are amazing works and I can see the thought process that went into these art pieces. Thank you for sharing

  6. Rosemaryflower

    I do not like it (wait, do I see the pair of jeans I regret tossing in the trash?)
    No really, I appreciate the intense effort put in these pieces, Really well done
    Amazing dedication for sure. It looks like messy work 😀

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