Artistic Endeavors – Excellence in Fibers 2017

As a quilter I sometimes forget that the world of fiber encompasses much more than a three layer fabric sandwich. Fiber Art Network, a subscription organization for “artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and leaders in the fiber art and textiles community,” presented a juried exhibition called Excellence in Fibers 2017 that’s full of unexpected and intriguing ways to create fiber art. I don’t claim to understand it all, but I like seeing a variety of approaches.

Here are a few selections that caught my eye. I deliberately didn’t select pieces I could identify as quilts, though many are in the exhibition.

Betty Busby, Wing

Emily Jan, Apologue

Mariko Kusomoto, Garden Mosaic

Ruth Marchese, Space in Time

Annette Heully, Interconnected

The Fiber Art Network website also offers some videos and galleries of previous Excellence in Fibers shows.


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6 responses to “Artistic Endeavors – Excellence in Fibers 2017

  1. This is an exhibit that would be best seen in person, methinks! I’d love to get a better sense of texture and dimensionality. There’s some real creativity in these!

    • From what I can see, this exhibit is a virtual one based on photos submitted for jurying. I agree it would be wonderful to walk around some of the 3D pieces and view them from all angles.

  2. Interesting, though a couple of them give me the creeps

  3. All are fantastic and intriguing for sure. There seems to be a thread (pardon the pun) of transparency in (most) of the pieces you like/shared. Emily Jan’s “Apologue” is beyond words! I would especially love to see that in person. Thanks for sharing the links.

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