Photoshop Fripperies

Now that I’ve completed part 2 of the Pixeladies’ photoshop classes I’m officially a menace to all pictures I’ve taken. It’s so easy to change up a photo’s looks with filters and assorted other bells and whistles. No more worries about composition as I can fix it. I don’t think that’s a good thing, as I can become lazy and lose the knack of composition. However, when you’re on a tour bus and you have only a few seconds to take a picture, it’s a great fall back.

Here are examples of my play with photos. The original photo is first (I hope), then the altered photo.

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I have no idea if I’ll use any of these in a quilt, but it sure is fun to play with the possibilities. I recommend the Pixeladies’ classes, but I don’t think they’ll offer the ones I took until next year.


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11 responses to “Photoshop Fripperies

  1. I’ve just upgraded my design software to the new version of EQ — EQ8. Though it is much the same as EQ7, there are differences, and the only way to learn them is to spend the time. If you EITHER will use it, or find the “play” satisfying, it is worth spending the time, in my opinion. No other need to justify it. I’m glad you got a lot out of your class.

    • I’m just glad I didn’t try to learn Photoshop Elements on my own. Having a guide made all the difference in success.

      • I think that is true for a lot of new skills. It’s not that we *can’t* do it on our own, but it’s so much easier to have an experienced guide. That can reduce the frustration enough to help us stick with it.

  2. You have gotten good at that! It is really neat to see these before and afters. Thank you. I’m “learning” video editing. I keep telling myself it is good to learn new things… even through my frustration!

    • I think you’re doing very well at photographing your lessons, though I can’t speak to the editing part. When I think of all the technology I’ve learned, only to have it become obsolescent…

  3. Rosemaryflower

    Love it. We are so fortunate to have such incredible toys to play with, to manipulate photos for example, but so many other endeavors
    “Time suck” hahaha Back in the olden times, I think everything was a time suck. Creative activity is such a gift of time to learn and grow. So calming, we need to learn not to feel guilty about all of our machines and conveniences — we get to do so much more. I am so glad I never had to do the wash in the bathtub like my beloved momma did when we lived in France.

  4. Judith K Campbell

    Love seeing the different effects. I see a lot of fantastic landscape photos on Pinterest– I knew they were too good to be true! I love the way the rainy day changed and especially the graphic black leaves…

  5. I did some of this a number of years ago. It’s fun and fascinating and a huge time suck!

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