The last of my bullseye quilts is now complete, and I like to think it’s the best of the bunch. If nothing else, it had the longest maturation time of any.

Here’s the final Bullseye Bubbles (25.5 by 33.5 inches.)

Once the green organza additions began, I felt the need for more bubbles, this time in purple, and spent much time rearranging all those shapes.

After I had them all fused down I worked on a quilting design. I printed a photo of my top in B&W and put a clear page divider over it. Then, I used a dry erase marker to try out quilting designs. Talk about high tech!

Did I make changes? You bet. I needed more bubbles, so I quilted them after I had finished the swirly bits. Are they lovely, round, even bubbles? No, not even close. But that didn’t stop me from adding more.

I’m over bullseyes for a while, but I’ve learned never to say never.


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13 responses to “Effervescence

  1. Yes, indeed, I agree this is the best. Love the transparency, the balance of shapes and colors and light. Mostly it just looks festive, like a fancifully-costumed dancer.

  2. Barbara

    Wonderfully bubbly!

  3. This piece looks great. Thanks for sharing some of your process again. The quilting designs work well with the composition and placement of your bulleyes and I love your binding color!

  4. Felice

    Love it! I like the hits of other colors than green, the transparency and the placement and size variety of your bulle eyes.
    Very nice!!!!

  5. Diane

    Love this. I really like how you left the middle open and how some of your bubbles are trying to escape off the edge. It has a lot of energy and movement. Well done!

  6. I *love* this one! It glows and the bubbles end up looking transparent and . . . bubbly! And I have added the phrase “maturation time” to my crafting vocabulary . . .

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