A Long and Winding Road

I love improv work in quilting, though I get frustrated with the number of iterations I do before the product satisfies me. Despite my resolve to do more planning ahead I can’t resist playing around with my sewn together fabric bits without any clear goal in mind.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. While I thought about how to quilt a piece I cleared my mind by sticking some already constructed bits on my design wall. Here’s the early stage. (All the photos in this post are unedited and somewhat blurry.)

I was trying for paths of color through and around my bits.

I’ll fast forward through permutations of the vertical orientation, which I thought was too elongated, to a horizontal arrangement. What used to be on the top is now on the right, and I’m trying a different bit in place of the orange and brown bit. I’m also testing a turquoise edge.

I’ve compromised by using half the darker constructed bit, and I’ve given the lone turquoise triangle (put there to fill in a gap) company. From here on I spend most of my time playing with those triangles.

I’ve emphasized the triangles by putting darker triangles on top to create a reverse shadow effect.  I’ve added a ginkgo leaf cut out of the orange/brown fabric.

I’ve added another leaf and am trying another bit in the top left hand shape.  I’ve graduated the sizes of the triangles to get smaller as they swing around to the left. You can see my outline as I take the photo.


I’ve dropped the insert in the upper left (a mistake to do so?), swung the triangles closer to the top edge, changed the leaf position a bit, and added more darker triangles. At some point I used Inktense pencils to darken the lighter fabric bits in the darkest central area. Those pencils also got used to add more orange to the light upper left bit. I’ve evened out the edges and stuck it in the closet with a potential backing fabric.

Right now I’m heartily sick of it and will leave it in the dark for a while. Maybe it will fix itself, or the quilt brownies will come in and work their magic.


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2 responses to “A Long and Winding Road

  1. I think the whole thing turned a corner when you added the triangles and leaves, to give some sense of cohesiveness and movement to the piece. I like the upper left corner as it is in the last photo–the other seems too busy. A few quiet spaces are nice when there’s so much going on in the quilt!

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