January 2018 Finishes

Actually, I should call them carryovers from 2017 finishes.

The second bullseye quilt is now done. “Crazy Bullseyes” (25 by 36 inches) used up some of my blue green scraps and a yard piece of fabric I bought for the heck of it.

The second finish is for a Chinese Year of the Dog art quilt group challenge. I don’t have a dog, so I looked to outer space for inspiration. In this case I traced the Canus Major constellation, which is home to Sirius, the dog star.  I discussed this piece in another post, but here’s “Siriusly” again.

I began to quilt the third (and last) bullseye quilt this month, and started an improv abstract piece to avoid the boring task of sewing in hanging sleeves.

My excuse for the improv piece was I needed to test out my new (used, actually) portable Pfaff sewing machine before the 2 month warranty ran out. So far, so good. My old portable sewing machine keeps requiring repair, which sets me back at least $100 each time, and the used machine cost $300. So, I plan to donate my old Elna to the sewing machine shop for them to fix and give to a local charity.

While I was at the sewing machine shop I browsed the newest fancy machines and suffered sticker shock. The idea seems to be to remove all thinking from the sewing process, just push a button and follow the laser line. Sorry, I’m a piece of tape on the machine bed kind of sewer.



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9 responses to “January 2018 Finishes

  1. I’m liking the bull’s-eye series a lot! And I’m also all for the most basic of sewing machines–I’ve never graduated beyond a Featherweight, although I do own an old Elna . . .

  2. I think I said it before – I really like the Bullseye piece with that perfect background fabric. Great idea to donate your old machine to charity, I have done that too. My Mister recently became employed with a major sewing machine store and now he understands how very frugal I am to be doing a lot of business on my Janome made Kenmore. Congratulations on your finishes… you are an inspiration.

    • I’m glad my local sewing machine dealer offers to fix up machines and donate them. My old Elna could only sew forward so it wasn’t much use to me. Speaking of finishes, when are you going to show your cut up painted landscape, all thread painted?

      • Well, I think I will just finish the landscape you are talking about, warts and all, and build another one for my lessons… so it should be soon. Thanks for asking and the push!

  3. Great choice of background on the bullseye quilt!

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