Sometimes I Give Away Scraps

Recently I had the novelty of giving away scraps of fabric rather than accumulating them. A local theater costume designer wanted to make a cotton patchwork dress for a character named Scraps in a play called “Talking With.” He asked me and another quilter for donations as he doesn’t use colorful cottons.  With them he created a full skirted dress and headpiece.

The mob cap is attached to Raggedy Ann yarn hair and a plastic mask covered with fabric. As you can see, the costume shop is jam packed with stuff. I was happy to donate some of my fabric as this designer has given me many scraps, mostly of sparkly, shiny fabric.


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11 responses to “Sometimes I Give Away Scraps

  1. What fun! I am always glad to pass on some scraps, but I don’t have the opportunity very often. So cool that he was able to make such a distinctive outfit.

  2. As my daughter used to say, “Everybody’s a winner!”

  3. Costume designers are such interesting people–I love seeing what he came up with!

  4. Clever and fun use of scraps. I always find it liberating to pass along scraps and other fabric pieces I know I will never use… and of course it makes room for the new!

  5. Barbara

    I love it so fun and colorful! I would wear that dress but probably not in public. I have noticed lately how many items in my wardrobe are patchwork. ADHD –so much more to look at. A recent quilt I made has some of the same fabrics.

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