Around Here Week 47

Some mornings my kitchen turns into an art gallery. I treasure these all too brief out of body experiences.


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4 responses to “Around Here Week 47

  1. Chris Wheeler

    Beautiful! You made me laugh though, when I read your post all I could see at first was some mornings your kitchen turns into an art gallery- so I’m thinking “wow, wonder what new project she has going now” and a little jealously wishing I had your creativity. Then I continued on the post & saw the sunrise and that’s what made me laugh…having talked to you once at a Mutton Hill show, I know I don’t even live that far away from you- so it’s on me to keep up with the inspiration around me😊

    • I began the year long photo posts as a way to remind me to keep my eyes open for the unexpected or lovely in the mundane. I learned that seeing something pleasing to my eye is a sure-fire jolt of happiness. Of course, my smart phone makes taking photos so easy. Glad you liked the sunrise. It’s one of the pluses of our house.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! Easy for me to see a painted sky, quilt project in that, you? Thanks for sharing.

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