My Local Art Museum

Despite the loss of a third of its population over the past 20-30 years, Akron proudly lays claim to its own art museum, complete with a controversial modern addition.

The collection is a bit thin and most of the art is late 19th/20th century, but it contains some beauties. Here are some works that caught my eye on my last visit. (I should say they caught my eye AND photographed OK.)

You can review parts of the collection here.

Alvin Loving’s Untitled seems made for fabric, or maybe it was inspired by a quilt. The colors of the thin border lines make the diamonds vibrate, as the detail shows.

Sequinar by Marko Spalatin is half square triangle ready.

Some other works that caught my eye and camera.

Carl Gaertner’s Riverside Plant reminds me of the factories you see as you cross the Ohio River from Ashland, Kentucky, into West Virginia.

I love how the blue oval contrasts with the tan and red curved lines, and how the tan line colors are lighter inside the oval, in John Pearson’s SLG3.

On the Balcony by Frederick Frieseke reminds me of the work by Mary Cassatt and other Impressionist painters. I’m drawn to the variety of textures portrayed.

This photograph of an African woman is filled with strong textures. I like how they get smaller and more toned as you move up from the bottom. Unfortunately, I can’t read my photo of the artist’s name and I can’t find the work on the museum’s website.

(Update: thanks to Ann Scott, the photographer has been identified as Seydou Keita

You can see sculptures outside the museum from the large windows. Again, I can’t find the artist for this piece, but I like the sky reflections through the glass.

A real plus for my town’s museum is it’s free every Thursday. I guess they hope I’ll succumb and become a member.




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7 responses to “My Local Art Museum

  1. I enjoy traveling with you. 🙂 The Riverside Plant might be my favorite of these. The river looks slushy and the smoke clouds hang low, held down by the cold air. brrrr!

  2. I’d love to see Sequinar made up in fabric! And, as I was scrolling through, I saw the On The Balcony painting and though, “Oh, Cassatt”–how interesting it is that a man painted so much like one of my favorite female painters!

    • At the museum I thought, I didn’t know there was a Cassatt painting here, when I saw “On the Balcony.” It’s a pleasant painting, one I know my husband would like in our house, unlike some of the abstract paintings owned by the museum.

  3. I think that is the photographer of African women… Oh my, all the patterns, I love it!
    Thanks for sharing another museum!

  4. After touring the museum last week my sister and I also came away with photos of our favorites. We loved the “Find a Face” exhibit and the Paul Stankard paper weights were wonderful. Easy to get to and takes only a short time to go through unless you want to sit and reflect on pieces as we did.

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