Around Here Week 39

My brother and I bushwhacked past the “trail ends” sign to reach Buttermilk Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park a few weeks ago. Our hike wasn’t as daring as it sounds as many others have done the same thing. We benefited from the low water levels as we crossed the stream several times until we reached the falls themselves.  The falls are to the left in the photo below.

The rock ledges created by the falls over the centuries look like elephant skin to me. It could make a fun mixed media project with thick paper.


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8 responses to “Around Here Week 39

  1. You have beautiful country around you. Sounds like a good visit.

  2. Wow, such a beautiful treasure! I can hear your wheels turning! Blue Hen and Buttermilk… the names alone conjure up all kinds of ideas. If a quilt or mixed media piece emerges I will love to see what you create.

    • I began this weekly photo post to build up a stock of inspiration. I may have been too successful. Buttermilk Falls got its name from the look of the falls. No idea where Blue Hen came from.

  3. Jane

    I’ll look forward to seeing your interpretation, Joanna. The CVNP is a treasure. Although I haven’t been there recently, each time I have visited over the years I have come away refreshed in spirit and creatively inspired by colors, forms, and textures,, whether using fabric, yarn, or other media.

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