Around Here Week 35

This bold spiky beauty is an ornamental onion, called Globemaster. The blue color is startling, not usual in flowers. It’s a blue that makes my retinas tingle, in a good way.


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11 responses to “Around Here Week 35

  1. Wow, that is beautiful! I don’t think we have that color out here. I think that would be a great candidate for thread play but as you say… it would take finding the perfect blue thread. I think a Viscose thread with its soft sheen would be striking.

    • What, a flower color California doesn’t have? The color of this allium is unusual, and I didn’t tinker with the color shown in the photo. I’d have to use the photo in thread selection as blues are so hard to do from memory.

  2. Jane

    Stunning! These must love the soil pH where they live. Most of the Allium I see in NE Ohio lean more toward lilac-purple than blue. “…makes my retinas tingle …” evokes and interesting sensation! The image could inspire some fun thread play.

  3. Wow–I love that! Is that in your yard?

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