Around Here Week 34

My sort of daily walks take me across the Cuyahoga River on a footbridge. Lately the river has been low as we haven’t had rain, but the curtain of green I see from the bridge never fails to cool me off. This photo seems so summery I want to break out the voile fabric and sew gauzy layers. And to think it will be September next week.


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6 responses to “Around Here Week 34

  1. That looks to be a beautiful place to take a walk. Thank you for sharing.

  2. September next week, but still so much left of the year. I hope I’ll use it well.

    • I can’t wrap my head around school starting already, much less autumn. From what I see on Instagram you’ve made a good start on using the rest of the year wel.

      • I have a lot going on, so I need to pay attention. I ended up agreeing to co-president my guild this year. That’s usually an easy job, running meetings. But there are a lot of other bigger tasks that need progress, so I’m taking on some of that, at least to shepherd and cheerlead. (?? picture that!) Plus I’m still on the program committee, bringing in our speakers. And I have a couple of gigs lined up of my own. Unfortunately the part that will suffer is “try something new!” :/

      • Sounds like you won’t be seeing a lot of your husband. I’ve broken free of guild obligations, except for a program here and there. Time for some fresh faces.

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