My Finishes Are Like Buses

From years of riding public transit I know that buses are happiest when traveling in packs. Often three on the same route arrive nose to tail after a long wait.  It seems my quilt finishes are the same way.

After months of not quite getting there, I have three finishes, plus one quilt that just needs a facing.

First,  A Grand Day Out (24 x 36 inches) got its hot air balloons sorted out, and minor repairs made.

The girls waited patiently for me to give them something to look at.

Winter Fields (26.5  x 47 inches), the third in a series of a Nova Scotia salt marsh, got painterly finishing touches with a paintstick and watercolor pencils. I still need to make the summer version, though so far all I have towards it is a lot of green fabrics.

The quilt for each season features a gate, which marks the entrance to the salt marsh from the Annapolis Royal gardens. If you’re ever up that way I heartily recommend them.

An array of  fabrics found their way into this one. The reddish/purple fabric is a silk scarf I painted, and the light area on the left is part of a damask tablecloth.

Lots of the hand dyed fabrics were made by Vicki Welsh.

I needed a break from landscapes, so Rick Rack (36 by 46 inches) got yanked from the back of the closet and wrestled into a quilting design inspired by Jacquie Gering’s walking foot quilting book. It began as practice for sewing half circles. Then, I joined the halves with ribbon, and added another round of fabric every so often. The colorful fabrics were done by Marcia Derse and Valori Wells.

I thought my to be quilted list would have dwindled, but I’m back at five as of last week. I don’t even want to think about the number of hanging sleeves I need to make.


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12 responses to “My Finishes Are Like Buses

  1. These are terrific. I’m glad you finished the Rick Rack, and I especially like the tiny gold dot line on the framing. The salt marshes? Maybe one of my favorites of …. a lot of what you’ve done. It has a really lovely quality, NOT photographic, in the not-too-much/not-too-little realm of choice of fabrics. Great depth perception, which I think might be one of the hardest things to achieve in landscape quilts. And Nova Scotia is still on my list, so I’ll try to keep the salt marshes in mind when we do get there. As for the girls and their balloons — I do wonder, how old are these girls? 🙂 I have whole stories for who they are and why they are there, and they are certainly not teenagers. Thanks for sharing these and congrats on the finishes.

    • Wow, thanks. The gold dot line is rick rack that I set into the seam. I would have done it all the way around but I ran out of rick rack. I had to make do with a flange. I’m lobbying my husband to hang Winter Fields in our living room. He’s a traditional quilts and flowers guy. If you make it to Nova Scotia do try for Cape Breton, and keep your fingers crossed the skies are clear. I’ve photographed them with the idea of having them printed on fabric for other uses. First, however, I need to do some photoshopping on them, just as soon as I learn photoshop.

  2. I always like seeing the range of your artistic expressions–no ruts for you! I had to laugh about the hanging sleeves–my bête noire, as well!

    • I am a bit all over the map. Because it can easily take a year or more for me to finish a piece, my finishes don’t necessarily represent my current enthusiasm. And there are quilts under my bed still awaiting hanging sleeves.

  3. All of these are fabulous! I hope you will share Winter Fields in my customer gallery. It’s lovely!

  4. Congratulations on finishing pieces. I like them all but love your landscape – your fabric selections and placement are very effective, it’s really beautiful!

  5. I am happy to see the girls again, they always brighten my day!
    I love the salt marsh quilt, especially the brushy grass in the foreground and the way it contrasts with the smoother textures of the horizontal sections, but echoes the shapes of the furthest hills. I was just in Nova Scotia, but didn’t make it to Annapolis Royal. Next time!

    • I think the girls have a forever home now. I hope you make it to Annapolis Royal, if only to see the gardens. The whole Annapolis valley is beautiful in a gentle way, and is known for apples and wineries.

  6. Barbara

    Love the girls!
    Only 5 quilts need quilting? I started the year with 23 in need of quilting. Finished 5 but 2 of those were new this year and have at least 5 other new quilts in progress. I don’t think I will ever catch up.

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