Around Here Week 24

Since I tend to hike looking more at my feet than the scenery, I notice tree roots that can trip me up, which is why I look at my feet. Talk about circular logic!

I thought this root was reminiscent of Chinese ink drawings. It might make a good thermofax screen, which could be printed in several different orientations.


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11 responses to “Around Here Week 24

  1. Oh my, roots and rocks! They help make a hike interesting, and challenging. I opted out of part of a hike Sunday, as it was a long up-hill with all rocks under foot. I knew if I had knee trouble, I could walk down backwards — except I cannot walk down backwards on rocks!

  2. I’m a tripper from way back and totally understand your logic! The screen sounds like another neat idea. If you decided to, would you make it or order from a company?

    • I would order it from folks who have all the equipment to make the screens. I need one seldom enough that it would be way too costly to get my own equipment. Besides, I can give those who have made the investment some business. Is there anyone you especially recommend?

  3. Jane Herbst

    I totally get your logic, Joanna, and quite agree with your impression of the tree root! Back in the day when my husband and I did week-long canoe-camping vacations we early saw the wisdom of watching our feet on the portages. On one of the trips he took a picture of a VERY root-intensive section of path. When the image was viewed upside down the root ridges appeared as ruts/indents instead of raised areas. Sometimes he would invert the image on the wall just to watch visitors’ reactions. It would make an interesting abstraction on fabric!

  4. Your logic makes sense to me! And that’s a very intriguing image you’ve captured.

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