Around Here Week 21

Had enough of spring yet? I haven’t. My irises look especially lush this year, so I’m wallowing in their blue-violet glory. Painted organza or tissue paper may be the way to capture that intense color.

I hope the peonies, which are just beginning to open up, look as good. Deer don’t eat the irises and peonies (so far) so they are two of the few flowering plants that have survived in my garden.



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6 responses to “Around Here Week 21

  1. That is such a pretty photo, I love iris in the garden. Out here they start to bloom in February. When I had the garden professionally redone all my bulbs were lost (or so I thought) but apparently some of the iris bulbs were just relocated. I was so surprised to see them come up near the base of the waterfall! Sadly, this year only three bloomed… maybe too much rain. I have made several iris art quilts. I like your idea of using painted organza and tissue paper. I hope you surprise us with an iris piece some day.

  2. Very pretty.

    Deer here do eat the irises, the cup plants, the roses… I wish they would eat the garlic mustard.

  3. As usual, your flowers are a week or so ahead of mine! I can’t wait to see these colors in my garden!

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